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2021-02-27 18:18

Zaramella Style


Did you know that for each year that passes there is a different name to call the wedding anniversary?

Did you know that for each year that passes there is a different name to call


wedding anniversary? ’wedding anniversary? For some wedding anniversaries they are celebrated as if you were getting married again: vows are renewed with a small ceremony, a banquet is organized, wedding favors are given, greetings, gifts and cards with phrases are received. wedding anniversary, commonly happens for the 25 ° (silver


or for the 50 ° (golden wedding). For ò not everyone is aware that before these two important stages there

are other anniversaries that have a proper name! For these occasions, the newlyweds, on the day of the anniversary, retrace the memories of that wonderful day year after year. Tracing anecdotes that


etched in the mind and

why not even small misadventures...

1 ° anniversary: paper wedding

2 ° anniversary: cotton wedding

3 ° anniversary: leather wedding

4 ° anniversary: linen wedding

5 ° anniversary: wooden wedding

6 ° anniversary: iron wedding

7 ° anniversary: wool wedding

8°  anniversary : bronze wedding

9 ° anniversary: clay wedding

10 ° anniversary: aluminum wedding

11 ° anniversary: maple wedding

12 ° anniversary: silk wedding

13 ° anniversary: lace wedding

14 ° anniversary: ivory wedding

15 °anniversary: crystal wedding

16 °anniversary: ivy wedding

17 °anniversary: violet wedding

18 °anniversary: quartz wedding

19°anniversary: honeysuckle wedding

20° anniversary: porcelain wedding

21° anniversary: oak wedding

22° anniversary: copper wedding

23° anniversary: water wedding

24° anniversary: granite wedding

25 ° anniversary: silver wedding

26 ° anniversary: rose wedding

27° anniversary: Jet Wedding

28° anniversary: Amber Wedding

29° anniversary: Granite Wedding

30° anniversary: Pearl Wedding

31° anniversary:Ebony Wedding

32° anniversary: Copper Wedding

33° anniversary: Wedding Tin

34° anniversary: Ampoule Wedding

35° anniversary: Coral Wedding

36° anniversary: Silica Wedding

37° anniversary: Stone Wedding

38° anniversary: Jade Wedding

39° anniversary: Agata Wedding

40° anniversary: Wedding emerald

41° anniversary: topaz wedding

42° anniversary: jasper wedding

43° anniversary: opal wedding

44° anniversary: turquoise wedding

45° anniversary: ruby wedding

46°anniversary: mother of pearl wedding

47° anniversary: wedding of amethyst

48° anniversary: feldspar wedding

49° anniversary: zircon wedding

50° anniversary: golden wedding

55°anniversary: emerald wedding

60° anniversary: diamond wedding

65° anniversary: platinum wedding

70° anniversary: titanium wedding

75° anniversary: diamond wedding 80°anniversary: oak wedding

85° anniversary: marble wedding

90° anniversary: granite wedding

95° anniversary: wedding of onyx

100° anniversary: bone wedding

Whatever the year, always celebrate your wedding anniversary with some details: dust off your wedding shoes and wear them if you go out to dinner... Renew your vows, celebrate another wonderful wedding perhaps that you would have liked to organize but that you have not been able to in the past, give yourself something significant such as a bouquet of flowers or an object full of meaning for you, celebrate it in the company of the closest people (children, parents, brothers or ) or in your privacy, organize a small romantic getaway or simply a romantic walk, but always remember to celebrate it! After all, it is only once a year...

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